One-Design Fleets

Best One Design Sailboat Racing on Long Island Sound

RBOD vs MBOD/Sonar Team Race - July 12-14
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Manhasset Bay One Design


Fleet Captain: David Sigal
Recorder: Richard P. Moore
Treasurer: William Martin

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Manhasset Bay Sonar Fleet #11
Fleet Captain Emeritus Herbert J. Schmidt, Jr.
Fleet Captain Bill McCollum
Treasurer Reed Whittemore
Scorer Allyn Salomon

We race Sonar One Design sailboats on most Saturdays and Sundays from May thru September at 2pm, with starts at the Worry Wart in Manhasset Bay. Most races are often windward/leeward in the bay with occasional races into Long Island Sound.  We welcome new competitors and crew.  Email us at

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Current Standings

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Herbert J. Schmidt, Jr. Perpetual Trophy

Presented in honor of Herbert J. Schmidt, Jr. by members of the Manhasset Bay Sonar Fleet #11. This award was created in recognition of the foresight, inspiration, leadership and dedication of Fleet Founder and Captain Herbert Schmidt.

Past Season Champions

Year Boat Name Skipper(s)
1982 Whizzer John Connolly
1983 Free Spirit Herbert J. Schmidt, Jr.
1984 Force Majeure John P. Love
1985 Sounding Thomas Godfrey
1986 Red Baron David A. Schmudde / Gregory A. Berger
1987 Yankee Express Christopher D. Danilek
1988 Yankee Express Greg & Beth Danilek
1989 Yankee Express Chris & Greg Danilek
1990 Yankee Express Chris Danilek
1991 Housemartin Greg & Beth Danilek
1992 Replay Dudley B. Tenney / Robert A. Kirtland
1993 Delight Robert A. Kirtland
1994-5 Housemartin Greg & Beth Danilek
1996 Delight Robert A. Kirtland
1997 Housemartin Greg & Beth Danilek
1998 Delight Robert A. Kirtland
1999 Housemartin Greg & Beth Danilek
2000 Delight Robert A. Kirtland
2001-2 Sounder Rick Jordan / Jeff Shane
2003-5 Housemartin Greg & Beth Danilek
2006 Puff Ralf Steitz /Ted Toombs
2007 Dominatrix Rick Dominique
2008 Housemartin Greg & Beth Danilek
2009 Fine Line Jonathan Siener / Rick Dominique
2010-11 Housemartin Greg & Beth Danilek
2012 Ping! John Browning / Sue Miller