Ideal 18



Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced sailor, our family friendly Ideal 18 sailing program has something special for you.

Join the Ideal 18 program and SAILMBYC. Ideal 18 sailing is an easy way to get you and your family on the water. Everything that you need to know about Ideal 18 sailing is in the Ideal 18 Handbook which MBYC's Ideal 18 Committee has prepared to help you enjoy Ideal 18 sailing.

The Ideal 18 Program is one of the best bargains in the Club.  Our eight boat fleet is available seven days a week from Commissioning to Decommissioning. After Decomissioning the boats are dry sailed on Sundays for Ideal 18 frostibiting from November to April. Ideal 18 Program members have priority on the use of the boats and for regattas such as MBYC Race week and the New Year's Regatta.

We have many activities that, regardless of your skill level, should interest all of you including:
· Mentoring and Instruction
· Fantastic Social and Special Events
· Learn to Sail Clinics and Chalk Talks
· Women’s Sailing on Wednesday Evenings
· Saturday and Sunday Afternoon Bay Racing

It’s easy to join the Ideal 18 program and join in the fun.  Just call the Front Desk and say “I want to be an Ideal 18 sailor.”